Youtube Optimization Checklist

Youtube Optimization Checklist

So many ways to optimize your Youtube Channel to increase your views and subscribers. But most importantly, increasing your passive income. These types don’t require money or expensive equipment to implement now! You can use your computer or phone; even the Youtube Studio app can help you execute these tips.

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Youtube Optimization Checklist

11 Ways to Optimize Your Youtube Videos Right Now!

#1 – Powerful Thumbnails. Your thumbnail is the first thing that people see when they click on the app, website or when people get a notification. Youtube will reward people with more algorithm promotion if there is a high click-through so make sure your thumbnails are enticing.

If you can’t find a frame while editing, think out your thumbnail before snapping a photo. Make sure you have great lighting. When you go to create your thumbnail, use bright, bold clear images and font. Don’t be afraid to use colors and make sure it’s a simple layout. Too much and it can turn off the viewer from clicking the video. Avoid clickbait where the content is irrelevant to the thumbnail. Create 2-3 thumbnails and ask friends or family for feedback. The one that gets the top pick wins!

#2 – Searchable Content. The Keywords in your title, description, and tags are how people can find you on Google and Youtube. Implementing keywords that viewers will use in the search bar should be a part of your growth strategy. Be sure to find a balance between what’s enticing for your viewers and what potential new viewers are looking for.

There is so many different software that will help you with keywords, but the free one that I found to be helpful is Keywords Everywhere. There’s also TubeBuddy and VIDIQ but there is a subscription fee to get more options.

Once you know what keyword you are using, you can add it to the title, description, and tags to optimize your youtube channel. The more you are willing to spend time to research and be strategic, the more results you’ll see.

#3 – Interactive Description. Adding links to other videos, timestamps or chapters, a short bio, playlist links, ask questions for your audience to answer in the comments will keep people on your Youtube channel longer. The longer people stay on your channel, Youtube will reward you will more impressions/reach and monetization.

Remind people to check the description box to engage and create a dialog in the comments. Provide as many resources and opportunities to engage your viewers.

#4 – Optimize Playlists. The easiest way to keep people on your Youtube channel and drive up views is to create a Playlist. Playlists allow people to binge-watch your videos. Putting niche-specific content together helps your viewers enjoy the content you create. You can do topics, but also moods, or anything your viewers will enjoy like those traveling vlogs you create periodically.

You should create 3-5 playlists that your viewers want to see. Most popular topics, most views, and work from there. Use your playlist as a marketing tool to help you drive more views to your channel.

#5 – End Screens. Additionally, adding end screen can also drive more traffic to your other content. This is a great referral source to generate new subscribers. Adding a subscribe button, a most recent video can drive up your watch time and increase your Adsense earnings.

#6 – Info Cards. Adding info cards (iCards) throughout your videos to drive traffic to your older videos, highlight playlists, and plug-in other channels (collaborations, shoutouts, or brands you work with). Links to your website or other websites are also available in the Studio editor settings on videos.

You can add up to 5 info cards to one video. It can be time-consuming so set a timer to spend about 15-30 mins to add them. In the end, your subscribers (current and new) would appreciate you directing them to content they will enjoy.

#7 – Not Made for Kids. Unless your content is made for kids, you should always check NOT MADE FOR KIDS. Youtube will restrict your content which means fewer views! Videos that are made for kids aren’t able to engage and interact with their viewers.

Your subscribers won’t get notifications for your content as the bell will be disabled. Your ads will be limited so you won’t earn as much as you deserve! So many other restrictions that can harm your ability to grow your Youtube Channel.

#8 – Scheduling. Plan out your content and schedule them. By scheduling your content, it allows Youtube to process its ‘Checking’ system to ensure it has no restrictions. The worst thing to hurt your earnings and see growth is by uploading content and Youtube disabling ads or limiting them. To have Youtube review the content, it can take hours, sometimes days for them to reverse the decision. That is money and time lost.

I suggest bulking recording and editing. This allows for any mistakes to be fixed before scheduling them in advance. Scheduling your videos to go up every day at the same time can help you reach more views as even non-subscribers will look forward to your content. Youtube will give you an estimated time of when your viewers are active online for the best times to upload right in your analytics.

#9 – Pinned Comments. Pinning comments can be a way to engage and inform your subscribers. If working with a brand, be sure to include the information in the comments then pinning it for higher click-through rates. When responding to comments, pick a comment that is relevant to the video or invokes emotions.

Pinning comments is also available for live streaming. It’s a great marketing tool to promote a brand, another content creator, or a way to have a Call-to-Action during live streams. Pinned comments, I found, serve as an opportunity to increase your engagement and earnings.

#10 – Community Tab. The community tab is a great way to communicate and engage with your subscribers and non-subscribers. I think of it as a Facebook feed. A place where you can put gifs, photos, captions, and links. This is a great way to spotlight upcoming content, just published videos, or older videos.

Add links to your community tab to drive traffic to your website or other resources that your subscribers will enjoy. The community tab is a great way to connect and get to know your audience. Set up a poll to see what your audience wants to see or ask them a question with multiple choice answers.

#11 – Shorts. This is a new feature that Youtube is offering. Similar to Tik Tok, the new tool allows you to gain new subscribers and views! Repurpose your content into shorts to entice your audience. Same as you would a video, you can optimize your shorts to grow a successful Youtube channel.

I suggest you use the hashtag #shorts at the end of your title for increased exposure. Shorts are a great way to engage and entertain your viewers with the latest trending music. You can also use other creator sounds, add music from the Youtube library and add text.

I hope these tip were able to help you towards growing a successful Youtube channel. If you want more information on how to have Youtube Success. Read the ebook that has remarkable information that is proven with results. If you would like customized consultation as your coach, contact me.

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