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Work-at-home moms don’t get enough credit as it is. We work hard for our families to provide a different experience than a typical working mom. Our goal is to avoid child care and other expenses like gas and lunch.


I start my days by hopping in the shower and doing my hair and makeup. I do this because I never know when I’ll have to be in front of the camera. This is time mommy and what makes me happy. I always try to be camera ready. Some days I do this, but there are days when it just doesn’t happen for me.

My favorite products to use to get myself ready are a good-smelling body wash, conditioner, foundation, eyebrow pencil, and false lashes. These are my essentials as they are my 10-minute routine as I don’t have hours to sit and do my beauty routine. Being a work-at-home mom, you don’t get as much time as you would like.


Work-At-Home Life Begins

I always get packages in the mail for sponsorship so I try to focus my time on the companies who I’m working with. I like to knock out as much as I can to avoid it piling up. My struggle with working from home is time management. Finding a balance between work and family isn’t so easy. Later I will show you how I balance everything for a peaceful and prosperous life.

Distractions as a Work-At-Home Mom

I don’t watch as much TV as I used to do most of the time. I have a kid show on in the background as I work to keep my baby entertained. Some parents shun others for having their children spend so much time watching TV. Aht Aht! We don’t do any shaming over here. We are focused on making sure our kids live an abundant life.

I do give in to my teens when they ask for electronics like phones, laptops, or gaming systems. Especially for a day like this where I’m working until late to complete a sponsorship. I take pride in the content I create for companies. I try to make my content look professional, but also personable to customize the content that aligns with my values.


All the equipment I own has been accumulated throughout the years. I have purchased numerous lighting, tripods, and even cameras to create the perfect video. This is not necessary for beginners, but it does make a huge difference when you provide high-quality content. As the sun disappears, I have to use my lighting to create natural daylight to continue working.

Some days I work until midnight, but my ultimate goal is to get as much stuff done by 3 pm so I can focus on my family. Nowadays, most of my days are hitting the night oil as I have a newborn still waking up in the middle of the night. Hence, I lost sleep and I slept in to catch up. Being a work-at-home mom can be stressful and overwhelming. We tend to be on-the-go with the creative ideas and never want to stop.

As my day comes to an end, I’m typically on my computer editing and emailing. I also check social media, schedule posts, and write down new ideas for content. Post-production doesn’t take much of my time compared to the creating and production of the content I create.

How to Balance being a Work-At-Home Mom

Balancing work and family isn’t as easy as you think. Work-at-home Moms tend to be everything to everyone. It’s easy to get distracted by your family and friends. If you are an influencer, social media is also a huge distraction. You can stretch so thin and easily get burnt out. Here are some tips to help you balance it all out:

Set a Schedule & Stick to it

You can set a schedule, but are you sticking to it? As mentioned above, I would work till midnight only to burn myself out because I wasn’t making time for myself or for my family. Now, I have designated times that I stick to. Instead of late nights, I’m done working by 5 PM so I can make dinner, clean, and bathe the younger kids. I ensure my older kids are assisting me with chores and they get paid to watch the baby even though I’m not even a foot away.

Set Boundaries

With family and friends, you should set boundaries so no one is interrupting you. As I mentioned above, I have my teens help me with the younger kids so I’m not easily distracted by them so I can get work done. Easier said than done, but it does help when it matters.

Don’t Pick Up your Phone

As soon as I wake up, I don’t go for my phone. Instead, I reach for my planner so I know what task needs to get done. I do those tasks first then I will pick up my phone to engage with my audience on social media platforms, schedule posts, and check my emails. Social media is a huge distraction so I avoid my phone most of the days so I can get my mindset on being productive.

Work in Bulk and Schedule Content

I tend to create content or repurpose content so I can schedule them out in advance so I’m not constantly on my phone or computer. Recording, typing, editing, and scheduling out content helps me use my time during the day for other productive things like cleaning and spending time with family. I hate that some days I’m glued to my laptop or phone so working in bulk allows me to knock out as many tasks.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the full Youtube video that gives you a visual idea of how my days go.

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