Trying to Prove to My Followers I’m NOT Pregnant! *GONE WRONG!*

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Recently I’ve been getting a lot of comments about being pregnant on my youtube channel. I wanted to prove to my followers that I was NOT pregnant. Instead, it went in a direction I wasn’t expecting.

My cycles have been irregular for months now so I’ve been tracking them. Not as faithfully as I should so instead we have been using alternatives to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, the birth control we used (Today’s Sponge and condoms) didn’t work.

We were not ready nor were we expecting to have another baby anytime soon. I’m still in school full-time and my husband is currently working temp jobs til he can find something permanent.

You can watch the kids’ hilarious reaction to finding out about being pregnant with baby number 6 here. I was kind of expecting everyone’s reactions, but my husbands because he actually wants 12 kids. However, he thought I was pranking him yet again so he didn’t really have a reaction til after it settled in.

I was literally looking at some things that we could use for our 2 year old now, but I didn’t see the point of investing in it if we had no intentions of having another baby anytime soon. Things like the Baby Breeza Formula Maker, Cloth Diapers, Bath toys and organizer and a few other things. Now I’m kicking myself in the behind for not jumping on the sales especially during Amazon Prime.

Despite my worries, I’m still thankful that I am able to bring another baby into our family. I may not be religious, but I do strongly believe that babies are a blessing and that I’m only given what I can handle. I will be able to finish school and graduate on time and I have hope that my husband will find a job before this baby is born.

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