Top 5 Holiday Organizations from Name Bubbles

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The holidays are right around the corner! Organizing everything will get you into the holiday spirit. Name Bubble has everything you need to get organized for the holidays. These are my top 5 favorites.

Camping Gear

Suppose you plan on shopping for someone who loves camping. Name Bubble has labels that are microwavable safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. They can endure any crazy adventures on the day’s schedule. If an item is too weirdly shaped or impossible, you can label them with someone’s name, so they know it’s their gift. Also great for other outdoor gear like skis.


We always assume that we must only label our baby’s stuff for daycare, but if you are a stay-at-home mom with play dates, hanging at the park, or making trips to the library. You will be faced with other families and children. Name Bubble is a great way to keep your baby’s stuff organized and labeled if something gets lost. Just imagine if someone has multiple. Having double or triple items, you want to personalize it, so the kids don’t feel like they are lumped into one. Labels can separate the gifts for each child. This will not only keep you organized and what you buy, but it will also help the parents know what’s for who.


Whether your kids or yourself, Name Bubble can keep your supplies organized and labeled in case it gets lost. They work great on folders, pencil boxes, lunch bags, erasers, and water bottles. The bonus is that they are laundry-safe in case something appears as you are doing laundry. This will be an excellent gift for teachers or staff who must keep their school organized and running smoothly.

Sports & Extracuriclum Activities

Is your kid on the soccer team or school play, or are they competing in dance or pageants? A name bubble is a great way to organize your kid’s clothes and any gear needed. You can add your phone number if it’s been left behind or lost in all the chaos of winning. It can be returned right back to you with no problem.


Nurses and first responders are constantly in situations that require them to think of others before themselves. Labels to Last is a great way to say thank you to nurses by giving them a way to organize their things, from clothes to tools and gear, and working in a nursing home. These labels can work for the patients and their belongings, making them versatile for yourself or those you care for.

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