Top 10 Goals for the Fall Season

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I love creating goals for myself and with the season soon to come to an end. I know I can accomplish some of these goals. After sharing my truth about how my daughter’s crisis has opened my eyes to my healing journey. It also had me reflect on some things that I have been neglected not just within myself, but with those around me. These goals are to focus on creating healthy relationships with myself and others. 

fall season goals
  1. Read for 30 minutes every day. Reading or listening to an audiobook can help me get in the right mindset. Especially if I’m reading a self-help book. Here is my book list. 
  2. Exercise daily and eat cleaner. This may seem extreme, but the goal I have in mind for my body will take some time to achieve. I already had a discussion with the kids about our eating habits and how they could be affecting our hormones, causing acne, mental health, and our overall health. Prior to 2016, we were paleo and I was very active. I feel like going back to our clean eating habits and working out daily even if it’s just strength training. This will help us get closer as a family. Cooking together is always an amazing experience. I’m using this fitness and meal plan that is working great! 
  3. Make Tik Tok videos with the kids. The kids love creating content with me. My 11-year-old son is always asking to edit my youtube videos with me. By creating Tik Toks, I think will allow each of the kids to have one-on-one time and allow them to get creative and use express themselves. Go follow my Tik Tok account for content. 
  4. Create affirmations with the kids every week. This will be another great activity that we can do as a family that generates positive energy and conversation. In addition to this, write out letters to ourselves, the universe, our guardian angels, whatever, and burn them in a ritual to manifest or release what we need. 
  5. Dress Myself for My Best Self. Not going to lie, the quarantine, getting pregnant has resorted me to becoming a hermit crab and wearing only sweat pants and a hoodie. By dressing my best for myself. It makes me feel good about myself. It allows me to see my weight loss progress and motivates me to continue to look good. 
  6. Network, network, network! Networking is my favorite part of socializing. However, again, I have turned into an introvert and I’m the opposite of that. My go-to gadget is a Fun Tapi sticker that works as a digital business card. 
  7. Family meetings. This will allow everyone to discuss their issues and work together on problem-solving. 
  8. Journaling. Writing helps you solve problems, shadow work prompt questions can help you heal old wounds, and writing can create ideas and manifest them. 
  9. Discipline. It’s one thing to want to do all these things, but it’s another if I don’t have discipline. Doing small tasks consistently every day that turn into habits will create discipline. 
  10. Embrace every life experience. Be in the moment. 

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