Social Media Managers Have an Impact on Society

Social Media Managers Have an Impact on Society
social media managers


It can be confusing to decide which career to go into when you earn a Communications degree. One may not know that you can divert into many career paths using an associate degree in Communication Studies. I know I didn’t and boy was I in for a surprised. I went back to school with the idea of being a social media manager. I am currently doing it full-time, but I would like to learn more about public relations. However, we will be talking about social media managers since that’s one of the easiest jobs to get once you graduate with a degree.

First, when we usually think of social media, we are thinking of Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok users who have generated millions of followers and appear to be rich and #goals. That is not the only career available for those who wish to work with social media. Jobs like a social media manager that does not require you to be in the spotlight, but also provide an opportunity to build brands or a corporation are available. I mean they are really available! Surprisingly, you do not need a degree. Experience is highly demanded along with serious results to prove you can increase engagement and sales. Public relations have evolved in many ways including social media. Public relations is someone more focused on current events with campaigns and political conversations rather than genuine communicative dialogue. However, their ideology on internet interaction is too uncomplicated, which can be deceiving, hateful, and transient. (Brewster, 2004)

Consequently, social media managers have the advantage of requiring changes to this ideology by providing ethics and morals by advocating for social issues that their followers face on a daily basis. Giles from LA Times (2020) says, “As a social media manager, I wonder if those of us in this field should be doing more to help users navigate this [George Floyd’s death] traumatic moment.” By providing the services of planning and managing the company’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing, and sales. Social media managers can connect with the audience on a personal level. It is their job to build trust and evoke an emotional bond that is necessary for the community. As the social media manager, you are usually the immediate contact for the followers to engage with so you first hand see the comments and messages that can affect you on a deeper level.

social media managers - quote: sometimes you have to destroy and then rebuild. It's like having a house of termites. You gotta burn it and start over. No different than the system that's been created over 500 years old.

Furthermore, social media managers focus their attention on SEO, which are keywords to generate traffic. Keywords help generate, edit, publish and share engaging content. You are also behind the scenes, communicating with the followers, responding to emails, and questions that can shape the whole brand. Due to Floyd’s death, companies were pressured to release statements to appease their followers. Instead, this strategy backfired with years of distrust within corporations due to lawsuits and recalls on products. Even worse, social media influencers AND social media managers spoke out about the truth involving social media marketing and the lack of support within the black communities from major brands and companies. This caused conflict and a struggle for brands to maintain support and sales.

On the bright side, it comes with fantastic perks for getting paid to be on social media and being creative. Easily you can start earning $42,000 per year if you are entry-level, but depending on the experience you can reach close to $100K per year. Your experience with social media, skills in software, and programs to bring results will increase your pay significantly even if you don’t have a degree in Communications. The degree most definitely helps, however, the key point about a social media manager is knowing how to generate sales through engaging content. It’s more about the results you offer than education and this is achieved through experience. Most jobs, especially in the current times of coronavirus, working from home, are in more demand than anything. Between small businesses to larger corporations, this world shuts down forced many businesses to utilize social media to keep generating sales and engaging with their current and new customers. The remote position allows you to earn high and live in an area with a lower cost of living rather than having to move to expensive cities like San Francisco or New York. It’s crucial if you are creative, analytical, organized, innovative, and excellent at details and I’ll tell you why.

social media managers

The responsibilities can be vigorous in managing multiple social media accounts if you are a one-man team. Fortunately, you will either hire people to delegate or use people in the company to help facilitate the tasks needed. It also includes reports for stakeholders, research, campaigns for promotions and giveaways, managing budgets for ads, blogging, creating videos, or graphics for social media platforms. Most importantly, networking to ensure strong relationships with partnerships. Social media managers are especially important if you choose to use influencer marketing as a strategy as they can build rapport for long-term campaigns.

The downside, it can be stressful, and in most cases, social media managers may have to put their personal beliefs aside or follow the necessary channels to implement new changes that revolve around politics. Maletzke’s model suggests that public relations, politics, and media have a critical view that public relations don’t contribute to communications in politics. (Toth, 2002). Maletzke’s model was wrong as the values, ethics, and morals of the companies are essential to the public. If the company’s political views and connections negatively impact a solution to social issues. It can dangerously collapse a company, brand, or influencer within hours thanks to Cancel Culture and the immediate speed of social media. A detailed eye is important in planning, creating, and deligating so there won’t be accidental tweets, misspelled words or improper grammar, or inappropriate engagement with a follower due to personal issues or beliefs.

In conclusion, social media managers have an essential job. Social media managers may not be as important as the President or anyone in Congress. Nonetheless, they are behind the planning, designing, and implementing the idea of the brand, which can hurt or help the brand on social media. Mistakes can go viral so you must have an eye for details and be organized or risk ruining a brand faster than they did in 2007. With more social media managers behind the scenes utilizing their ability to create enormous changes with a click of a button. Creating an image for a brand that not only says they are for a better world, but also implement it with contributions to social issues that directly affect their target audience. Social media managers can live a life a purpose and live a comfortable financial life, being a social media influencer. If you are comfortable enough, you can create your own content and build a brand for yourself. In some cases, you can do it right in the comfort of your bed or anywhere you want to be.


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