SIDS Awareness Month

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We don’t think about SIDS when preparing for a new baby. It can be exciting and fun, but it can also be nerve racking and scary. Sleeping arrangements is the top concern on our minds as parents. Do we co-sleep, do we purchase a crib or a basinet. The uncertainty of what’s right for a baby is daunting. We merely don’t know what is right especially to prevent Sudden Infant Death’s Sydrome (SIDS). For SIDS Awareness Month, I wanted to discuss preventative ways for parents.

I had a fright where I had a child who was a preemie, have an experience to where it could’ve turned into SIDS. I didn’t panic and freak out, I immediately called 911 and got her instantly to the hospital. I thought, “Could I have done something differently?” “Changed the temperature, added more clothing, not had her swaddled?” So many thoughts raced through my mind, considering I did something wrong. 

Prevent SIDS which are the ABCs

There are 3 simple steps to follow:


Alone on their Back in the Crib or in the basinet

Other alternatives are swaddling blankets to help your little one stay on their backs for added protection. 

Confession: I don’t follow the A rule. I have always slept in the bed with the baby. It was easier to do night feeding, then had to get up. Never follow this rule with any of my kids and I don’t plan on following it for baby number 6. Night feeding, especially breastfeeding, sometimes it is merely easier to prop the baby and fall back to sleep. However, I do agree with experts about keeping plush animals, blankets or loose items that could potentially get caught around the baby.

On their Backs, rule never worked for my babies. It may seem like the best for them, but I always had to deal with tummy issues due to a milk allergy. My babies slept better on the stomachs or sides due to the ability to apply pressure on their stomachs to relieve gas. It wasn’t until my 4th baby that I learned about how swaddling was astounding to help with this. You can secure their legs up into the same position they are familiar with from inside the womb. It also gives them the same relieve from the gas pains.

I will admit it’s not the best or safest option for babies, but I also believe parents should do what they think is best for their babies. No judgment here. 

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