After doing over 10 years of blogging, youtube, and social media. I finally understand the necessary steps to build a successful business from home.

I'm now offering my services and products to those who want to cut out the endless hours of researching and reading and get directly to the results.

I spent the last 13 years writing and the last 8 years studying and adapting to social media and how it affects bloggers or as some call Influencers. I took it a step further and returned to school and received my Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Whether if you want to learn on your own how to do SEO, website building, graphics, social media marketing with my ebooks and workbooks. Or you prefer to hire someone with the knowledge and skills. I can help you reach your highest potential and balance home life.

I offer an easier way to manage your business, be a social media influencer, and rock the mom's life! 

Social Media Expert

I can help you build your online presence by creating one simple account. It doesn't have to be all social media accounts. Just focusing on 1 account will increase your statistics and increase engagement.

Don't hesitate on taking advantage of the growing opportunities to market your company online. Facebook is the #1 social media platform to generate ad leads!

I have over 8K Subscribers with 1 Million Views and growing daily!

Along with Social Media Tools, Easy Video and Email Marketing strategies to help increase the statistics you want to see on your analytics. Tried and true studies done on youtube using my own personal channel. Free Tip: It may not be your content, but your editing. Looking for high retention content? I edit videos too! Whether it's lifestyle, interviews, vlogs, or commercial videos. I can provide high-quality video content. 


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Social Media Setup & Management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Linkedin

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"The way to build an audience will never change as long as the audience you're trying to build is made up of human beings." - Resonate, Alex Wolf

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I did studies throughout the year 2019 to learn more about how social media algorithm works. Each platform has its own algorithm and how it gets you seen. Google focuses on keywords, links, and meta tags, where youtube focuses on the length of time someone watches a video.

The content I did was positive, family, drama, and many more to analyze what people like and how people respond with engagements with likes, comments, and shares. Each video is strategically researched for the title, thumbnail, and keywords for SEO and tags. I go deeper into details in my ebooks and videos that are available for free.

You get a personal assistant who handles a social media account you want to grow in engagement, with more followers, or you want more customers/clients!

You get my expertise at your convenience with weekly meetings on the content and goals you want to generate. 

Instead of just emailing your templates to schedule yourself. I create the templates, create the text, and schedule them out just so you can spend time doing what's important!

Want to boost your sales? With a small budget, I can generate more traffic to your site with social media ads that have proven to work every time!