Outfit of the Day For the Work at Home Mom

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Outfit of the day for the work at home mom

During the Winter Time, I tend to deal with SAD which is a form of depression, but mostly only effective during the seasons. When the temperature is below 50 degrees. I am a hermit crab, I love sweatpants, big sweaters, and boots. My outfits are geared towards the work at home mom who prefers to lounge around in sweat pants and t-shirt that has 3-day old salsa on it. In today’s age, as a mom, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. Today’s outfit allows me to be comfortable, but stylish.

Once the temperature hits above 60s and the low is above 40 degrees. I’m so excited to bring out newer clothes. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to go far to get many items. I was given a huge bag of clothes that had a lot of business casual items and I also have been shopping at thrift stores to update my look. My focus is business attire so I’m nowhere near done with my wardrobe.

Outfit of the day for the work at home mom

I’m still trying to figure out my camera so please excuse the horrible quality. I feel like every time I get a new camera. But the main focus is my outfit. Everything is second hand except for my makeup and accessories.

Outfit of the day for the work at home mom

We are selfless beings, as mothers, we always put ourselves last. We tend to make sure everyone else is looking good and put together before we do. We rather not spend $50 on ourselves, but when it comes to our kids and the household we will be glad to hand over $50. Rarely do I buy myself anything, lucky for me when I do shop. I tend to buy things geared towards my goals that get me excited so it feels like I’m rewarding myself.

However, the little things like buying accessories, putting on makeup, doing our hair, and finding simple accent pieces to make us feel 100% better without actually compromising comfort, style, and flexibility. Having a toddler, I always need to be prepared for messes. I stick to mostly neutral colors like black, green, burgundy, browns, which is more for the Fall, but I do have a few staples that are bright and colorful like blues, oranges (like my cardigan), reds, and greens.

Outfit of the day for the work at home mom

I bought the rings off of wish. I kept scrolling until I found what I wanted for FREE and just paid the shipping. It did take a while for the items to be delivered, but I’m not upset that I only paid $2 in shipping for these items. I’m really into the boho style when it comes to jewlery. I have my 90s moments and I wear big hoops and big bracelets. I’m slowly building up my jewlery accessories again.

I always gravitate towards stretching pants, yoga pants, or leggins. These are the most comfortablest and easiest staple of clothing you’ll ever need. It’s so simple to just throw a tunic, blouse, etc on top and go about your day. You won’t feel constricted or uncomfortable throughout the day.

outfit of the day for the work at home mom

Outfit of the Day

  • Cardigan – DressBarn
  • Leggins – Cosignment Shop
  • Top – New York & Co
  • Accessories – Wish
  • Makeup – The Ordinary Colours Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ebony, ELF Blush, LA Girl Concealer

What is your go-to style being a work at home mom?

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