No Soaking Pressure Cook Black Beans

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I bought these beans a few months back in attempt to be more frugal. HA! School got crazy, businesses started blooming, and life at home only got more chaotic. With the month’s coming to an end, I always end up stretching meals. Not because we don’t have anything, but because EVERYTHING or ANYTHING that is left over requires some real time in the kitchen.

We receive food stamp benefits and as both my husband and I are working towards becoming self-sufficient. Each month fluctuates on the number of food stamps we get. Some months it’s more and other months it’s less. It just depends on what I earned for that month. That’s the only downside to owning your own business, but the upside is that you can still qualify for welfare even if you do own a business. You just have to disclose your income every few months.

Today, I will be showing you how to make black beans from scratch. Well, sort of. Instead of soaking beans and letting them simmer on the stove for hours. I will be using a different method that I have found to be easy and simple. All it requires is water, beans, and a pressure cooker or in my case, a Ninja Foodie.

No Soak Pressure Cooked Black Beans

2 Cups of Dry Beans
7 Cups of Water
Seasonings of your choice

Add beans, water, and seasoning if any to the pressure cooker. Cook on HIGH for 40 mins. Let steam release.

It’s THAT simple! I decided to store mine in zip lock bags and lay them flat in the freezer. So when it’s time to use them. I can wipe them out and toss in a crockpot or pan and dinner is done.

You can check out the video on how I prepared my beans so we can stretch meals further on a food stamp budget.

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