Morning Routine for Work at Home Mom

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Morning Routine for Work at Home Mom

When you think of morning routines, we all focus on the feeling of having to drag our butts out of bed when the alarm hits. So many times I hit the snooze button because I’m not ready to get up. Let’s just say this mama isn’t a morning person. Hence why I worked third shift for so many years. Today’s blog is going to be about my morning routine. What I do in the mornings before I dash out the door for classes.

Fair warning, each morning is different depending on how late I stay up to get stuff done. But we are going to talk about today, April 8, 2019, where I woke up at 5:30 am with the alarm being soothing but annoying. I crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom. 5 kids later and I’m getting older, it’s not good to hold your stuff.


I think self care is important especially being a mom of 5 kids, working from home, and going to school full-time. My time can be stretched pretty thin. Focusing at least 20 mins a day to take care of me is essential to keep the house running. Luckily for me, my husband is very supportive and allows me to get ready. Even if it takes me 2 hours. My skin care is all over the place along with my skin. I’m smoking less, drinking more water (trying to) and making better and healthier choices.


I have been following flylady for years and going back to work has dropped me off my routine that I’m babystepping myself back into it. I ensure to get dressed to my shoes (especially now that the weather is warming up, I severely struggle with SAD), do my hair and makeup even if I only have time for mascara and my brows. Make my bed, swish my toilet, and head downstairs to enjoy a cup of coffee and the outdoors.

Solitude & Silence

Morning Routine for Work at Home Mom

In a recent vlog, my daughter stated that I’m always listening to Ella Mai which I used to. Lately, I have been trying to enjoy nature’s sounds. I have grown to love the sounds of nature in the suburbs. I’m trying to get back to loving the sounds of the city. It’s not easy, but these moments give me a moment to reflect, refocus, and rethink those self negative thoughts and emotions. Instead of focusing on everything around me and within me. I try to focus my attention on nothing but the sound. It’s my escape.

Exercise. What Exercise?

I haven’t worked out or been as active since working in a warehouse. I lost all the baby weight and gained it all back. Even though I love running, I feel like I’m overwhelmed with everything on my plate. However, if I’m going to take care of myself. I also need to take care of my body. Ways I can incorporate exercising:

  1. Running outside on a trail at the park
  2. Use the Gym on college campus
  3. Join Yoga and/or Zumba Classes on Campus (their FREE)

Although I am not exercising, I have been trying to detox and right now the only thing that works is the Intermittent Fasting. I typically don’t eat breakfast and sometimes I can skip lunch. So, I will not eat from 8PM to about 1PM but that usually means 3PM to my body. In between, I will drink 1 cup of coffee, bone broth, icy tea (which is bad for me), sparkling water (I’m obsessed with Walmart’s Brand in Coconut).

I’ve been eating a lot of fermented foods like kimchi, spicy rice cakes and noodles, sauerkraut, Kefir, but I picked up the bad habit of eating cheese again.


morning routine for work at home mom

I have banned myself from social media or emails first thing in the morning. Since eliminating the necessities to constantly be on social media 24/7. I have found myself being more productive in the mornings. Once my mindfulness meditation is done. I will go over my planner to see what I need to accomplish for the day. I have multiple planners and this may not work for you. These planners keep my life running smoothly.

  1. Cozi Planner – Flylady Organization
  2. Law of Attraction Planner – Goals and Personal
  3. Google Calendar – Anything in LOA planner gets sync to here + copy goes to Hubby.
  4. Any Basic Monthly/Weekly Planner – Goals broken down into weekly then daily tasks
  5. CoSchedule – Plan/Schedule content for all platforms including Instagram, but I prefer to use the one below to actually schedule.
  6. Post Planner – Schedule pre-written content for Facebook & Twitter
  7. Apphi – Schedule content for Instagram (Comes with a grid with your pictures to see if the picture will fit with your feed plus I use my phone apps to edit pictures)

It may seem like a lot, but in all actuality, it’s the only way for me to juggle so much without cluttering up just one thing. I even have a binder and planner for menu planning and cleaning for flylady. Whatever I have in that binder, it is on Cozi. Cozi just lets me sync it to Google and I get a notification on my phone that it’s time to do a Hot Spot or I can plan the kids’ chores that week.

I know there are probably more simplier systems, but for this mama who is juggling classwork, youtube, a blog, social media, PR, articles, and starting a business from the ground up. Did I mention I’m going to school full time for Journalism and Mass Communications? I won’t even tell you that I have five kids.


If I have time before the baby wakes up, I try to get as much done on my to-do list. I don’t get much time in the mornings to get any work done. Especially if I hit that snooze button a few times and it fast forwarded to 7:30 AM. However, there are a few mornings where the baby will sleep til 10 AM. This helps me get last minute assignments done for class. Study for a test or quiz. Check e-mails and messages and respond back.

I still try to remain off of social media. Does it work? Not all the time because I usually end up having an extra our on some days in the week to where I can start commenting and interacting with people on all platforms. I try to get back to everyone, but I do strive to give everyone a heart or a like.

morning routine for work at home mom

By 8:45 AM, I’m usually heading out the door. The kids leave before I do about an hour prior. The rest of my morning is in class trying to learn new things. I utilize this time to try and get some video footage and pictures for my blog and my Youtube channel. I typically don’t return home until after lunchtime. That’s another routine in itself! I’ll share on another day.

I’m always curious to know how people’s mornings go. Do they stay home, do they work, are they traveling. Let me know in the comments!

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