How to Set Realistic Goals & Manifest Them

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Creating new goals for the new year is a tradition many participate in for New Year. But are you creating realistic goals for yourself? Goals that will help you achieve the life you want?


Manifesting your dreams into a reality can give you a feeling of accomplishment and joy. The reason is that we don’t break those goals down into smaller ones. Or we lack self-discipline because of our habits that limit our ability to believe in ourselves.

Long-term Goals

Buying a house, saving money, weight goal? They shouldn’t be an end-all goal. Your long-term goals should reflect on the lifestyle you want to live consciously every day. Don’t create them to feel like you will be happier or be a better person because you accomplished them.


Happiness comes from within. Yes, cliche to say this and can be redundant to hear all the time. However, you will never be happy with where you are and what you have until you have gratitude. Writing down what you are grateful for every day can help you appreciate the small things. As you manifest things you truly desire. You will be grateful for the things and experiences you receive even if its a small accomplishment until you reach your long-term goal

Short-term Goals

Short-term goals are the ones you can accomplish with a shorter end date that will assist with your long-term ones. When you sit down to think about them. Write them out in increments of 1, 5, 10 years so that you have an overall idea of what you want to envision your dream life to be in reality.

Then sit down and take your 10-year and break them down into a short-term goal. You can do a 2-year plan for your 10-year, for your 5-year goal plan break them down into 18-month short-term, and for your 1-year goal, they can be broken down into a 90-day goal plan.

Plan of Action

A plan of action is to help you take the steps you need to reach your goals. If your goal is to save money, your plan of action would be to put a specific amount aside every paycheck. Or the plan of action can be to pack your lunch and brew your own coffee to save money instead of spending it every week to put aside to save. To help you understand, my goals will be available below.


At the top of the worksheet, what I have set to accomplish are long term goals. The next section is the reason why I want to accomplish them and as like many. I want to establish freedom, financial freedom to become self sufficient including paying for my own food, medical care, buying my own home and continue to grow my business to help other women.

You can download the worksheet and use it to help you set realistic goals for yourself for 2021 or further in the future. Or you can purchase the Law of Attraction Planner to help you get daily to assist in creating your dreams into your reality.

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