How to Find Your Purpose + FREE Worksheet

How to Find Your Purpose + FREE Worksheet

Find your purpose so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of. It’s not hard to turn your dreams into a reality. It requires deep internal work to fight through things that may be holding you back to fulfilling your purpose.

how to find your purpose

What do you love?

Finding out what you love can be a way to find your purpose. Do you love to cook, dance, sing, painting, help others? Regardless of what you love to do, this will put you on a high emotional scale to continue following a bliss of happiness.

What are you passionate?

Most people find their purpose by doing what they love. I started blogging over 10 years ago as a hobby. Then I got into vlogging and once I took it seriously. I found my true passion. However, passion wasn’t my purpose. It was helping other people that became my passion. I shredded my fears and started sharing my stories with others. I gave myself permission to be my authentic self and vulnerable in storytelling. By doing this, I was able to inspire and help other people with their personal life issues.

Your Story is Your Purpose

Telling your story can give you an understanding of who you are as a person. What are your fears, desires, childhood traumas? These are perfect starting points to help you tell your story. Even if you don’t want to share it to the world. You can journal every day and take a piece of realization to help you find out your purpose.

I started by sharing my love for makeup. Eventually, I ventured off into different niches like parenting, self-sufficiency (living off the grid), and homelessness, and now my lifestyle. Now I want to help others learn about growing a social media presence whether it’s to be a social influencer or to build a business. Telling your story doesn’t have to be sad or depressing. It can be motivating, inspiring, and joyful.

What do you think the world needs?

This is a personal question that you must ask yourself in order to find your purpose. Most people will say that the world needs peace and that’s great. Your purpose can offer people a sense of peace and happiness through your work. By answering this question, you can then ask yourself the next question.

What do you want to get paid to do?

Do you like creating things like art, do you like working in groups or one on one? Do you love to help others learn something new? Whatever it is that you want to do, it should go with what you think the world needs. Both of these questions can help you find your purpose.

Expectations of Others

When finding your purpose, this usually means promoting yourself and sharing your gifts with others to get paid. We usually have an expectation that people especially family and friends to support our new business. However, this may not be the case, especially in mine. I have ventured into different multi-level marketing businesses, promoted my blog, affiliate links, and pushed my youtube channel to family and friends. Only to be hit with disappointment. Letting go of the expectations of others to support your purpose that will pay you can help people find you that need you. Don’t get it to get discouraging when people don’t support you the way you want to.

Seeking Validation

Seeking validation can also hinder your ability to find your purpose and pursue it. If family and friends don’t want to support you, don’t push it on them. Although, you may want to get confirmation that you are doing the right thing for yourself. Seeking validation to find your purpose can hinder your ability to find happiness and peace as well. People may not understand your why behind what you are doing. If you allow negative opinions and actions to deflect on your purpose. This can cause resentment and pain towards the people you love and cherish. In some cases, it’s best to keep your life’s work separate from your family life. This is no different than if you were working a regular 9-5 job.

In the end, finding your purpose boils down to writing out your goals and finding the actions to accomplish those goals. Use my free worksheet to get started on how to find your purpose!

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