Halloween Guide 2021

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It’s that time again! Halloween is here and you bet there is a Halloween Guide for 2021!

Halloween Guide 2021

Halloween Game: Escape Notice Games

Escape room

The Escape Notice Games offer a variety of who-done-it games shipped directly to your door and it’s a great addition to our family game collection! My kids were super excited to give it a try. Getting the kids to figure out the clues, combination locks, and decode the messages was fun.

Halloween Game
Halloween Game Night

Stolen at Sea Fun Pack is for $24.95. Escape Notice Games packed a document bag with 6 mysterious traveler identities including all the background details you’ll need for enhanced role play. Here’s what’s included:

  • Madame Gerard’s Egyptian Jewel Necklace
  • Countess Clark’s Silk Travel Scarf
  • Donna Rossi’s Beaded Flapper Headband
  • Vizier Kahn’s Secret Pocket Notebook
  • Professor Edward’s Bowtie
  • Agent Patterson’s Spy ID Badge
escape notice games

The directions say it’s for 12 and over, but with some patience and simple instructions. It was great for the ages of 4-11 too!

 Available at EscapeNoticeGames.com and Etsy for $49.95. (Coming soon to Amazon)

Little GF Chefs

little gf chefs

Little GF Chefs is a great way to get your little tots in the kitchen! An amazing monthly subscription that helps you and your little one create delicious treats. For this month, we made some tasty spider cupcakes.

little gf chefs

The Spider Web Cupcakes Kit makes 12 standard size cupcakes and includes:

  • Chocolate cupcake mix
  • Black frosting sugar mix
  • White icing
  • Black plant-based food coloring
  • Stainless steel decorating tip
  • Piping bag
  • 12 cupcake liners
  • 12 plastic spiders for decoration
  • Recipe instructions and detailed ingredients cards

The little one really loved baking her first cupcakes. As a mom, no worries about what’s in the cupcake as everything is allergy-friendly!

Chocolate Pizza

Halloween Guide

Chocolate Pizza offers a variety of treats for Halloween. The Trick or Treat Tote for Kids is $14.95 and comes with a handled tote that includes a solid chocolate Jack-O-Lantern, a decorated chocolate-covered, Moompa, a chocolate-covered rice crispy square. Perfect Halloween treat for kids!

halloween guide
halloween guide
halloween guide

Scented Designs: Pumpkin Everything Soy Candle

pumpkin soy candle

Scented Designs is who you want to go to for your candles this season. Specifically for their Pumpkin Everything Soy Candle. Add a sensory experience to this year’s Halloween decor with one of their Halloween scents.

halloween guide

It smells amazing and reminds you of pumpkin pie on a beautiful Fall day. Hand-poured in small batches that gives it a mere personal touch you rarely see. Highly scented with body-safe, phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Lead-free cotton wicks create a long, clean burn that will fill a room with fragrance for hours. 

Raven Fox Capes & Cloaks

halloween cloaks

If you have kids who love science fiction. This cloak will be an immense experience as a gift for any occasion. Raven Fox Capes‘ goal is to bring your fantasy to life!

halloween guide

Perfect for Halloween Parties, Trick or treating, cosplay, and so much more!

cosplay cloaks

In conclusion, The premium fabric they use is elegant and machine washable. Equally important, their cloaks have pockets on both inside seams so you can carry their cell phones.

Pamela Brownies

Pamela Brownies is a small business that caters to your sweet tooth! The kids were super excited to try the brownies after lunch. Nevertheless, They definitely left some lunch behind but didn’t leave a drop of crumb of the brownie.

Pamela’s Brownies are indeed the best homemade brownies you’ll ever have! Just the perfect blend, portion sizes, and moist! It should be noted, Stores great in the fridge or pantry for a later snack.

pamela brownies
pamela brownies

Use Coupon Code VICKI for $2.50 OFF your order 🥰😍

Clipa – Instant Bag Hanger

halloween guide

Without a doubt, Clipa is an item you may not think you need, but you do! As the weather gets colder, you will be carrying a bag to hold all your things. Even going grocery shopping with your little ones, you will not want to hold any bags walking to various stores, and pushing a cart or stroller.

In addition, Clipa offers the ability to be hands-free on the go, at dinner, or even at home! Works great even for my camera bag that I travel with as much, if not more than my purse.

halloween guide 2021

Available in different colors to fit what you need for that day’s outfit! Clipa Matte Black will work for all outfits for any occasion. This is also available on Amazon!

halloween guide

Above all, these were sent for consideration and not required for any other purposes but to share my honest opinion. I loved every single item for what its purpose was. I do see some future subscriptions and purchases in the future from these amazing companies. Definitely check them out!

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