Giant InstaCart Food Stamp

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Giant InstaCart Food Stamp Haul is exactly what I needed for the kids’ weekly school lunch. I decided to go the extra mile and purchase additional items that could be beneficial for the whole family. I wrote a post about Amazon Finds. This post is about using InstaCart.

I don’t know about you, but my kids eat a lot. Not like they eat a lot for their size, but full-blown adult servings. This Giant Instacart food stamp haul was exactly what I needed. Especially with it being in the heart of the pandemic and having small children. I didn’t want to take a chance going to the grocery store. Thankfully, instacart managed to add more stores on their app to help those of us on food stamps.

Food Stamp Haul

How much I Spend for Giant InstaCart Food Stamp Haul

My weekly bill for my Haul varies depending on what we need. Some weeks, I can only buy produce, bread, milk, and eggs. On other weeks, I can spend way more on the kids’ necessities and their snacks. My kids tend to pack lunch as the food isn’t satisfying for them.

I used to give them money to buy an additional meal but soon learned that still wasn’t enough and they would come home and make 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I knew then that they had to pack a lunch to hold them over until they got home for a snack and then dinner.

Giant InstaCart Food Stamp


I purchased a ton of produce and that’s because my kids will eat it. I always purchase tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and more. My kids will eat them raw straight out of the container. Buying produce besides meats is what makes my bill the highest. I don’t regret it, but it did give me the idea to grow our own in our small backyard.

Occasionally I will buy the kids snacks like the oreo yogurts, but typically they like going to the corner store to get snack snacks. I mean honey buns, takis, and soda. It’s rare for them to get these types of snacks as I like to keep it to a minimum. It’s usually a treat for good behavior or a reward for doing extra chores around the house.

Giant InstaCart Food Stamp

I try to stick to season produce so this time I got peaches and grapes. Kids love Chef Boyardee, but in reality, 1 can per kid is a snack and not actually a full meal. These are great for when they get home from school and want something to hold them over until dinner time.

I try to find things that won’t sit in my pantry for too long, but with being a large family of 9. We easily can stock up on stuff that will last for months. Canned goods are the number one item that I don’t have to worry about going bad.


Giant InstaCart Food Stamp

When it comes to meats, I try to stick to the basics. Lunch meats are my kids’ go-to if there aren’t any canned goods or ramen noodles. My five-year-old loves bologna, especially the sweet kind. All the kids love bacon, who doesn’t like bacon?

I tend to buy 2 different types, one is raw bacon and ready-made bacon. The raw bacon is for when we are home and want a full breakfast, but the ready-made bacon is for when we don’t have time rushing out the door for quick blts or a bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

Giant InstaCart Food Stamp

Baby Food

Baby food has been essential as our newest addition is exploring new flavors and learning how to eat. I have been trying baby-led weaning so she gets the use of her motor skills. I’ve been enjoying the Gerber’s food trays that have finger foods for her to learn how to feed herself.

Of course, she will eat regular table food that I cook which she prefers over the baby food. I stopped buying the first foods that the company has to offer except the fruity ones as my kids’ have never been a fan of them.

Food Stamp Haul

Giant InstaCart Food Stamp Haul

Overall, this Giant InstaCart Food Stamp was a success. I spent about $377 not including the fees that Instacart charges or the tip that I provided to the shopper. I try to tip very well because I know my orders are not small. It takes a lot out of me when I do my own shopping so I can’t imagine a shopper who doesn’t shop in this large magnitude. If you enjoyed this post. Check out the full video on my Youtube channel where I break down all the items I got.


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