FREE Tools for Social Media & Productivity

FREE Tools for Social Media & Productivity
free social media tools

When I first got into blogging, there weren’t that many options to help with social media and productivity. Over the years, people started inventing apps and sites to help you build your business online without having to spend hours on your phone or computer to remain relevant online.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. The main thing I see a lot in comments is that ‘What if Youtube, Instagram, Facebook dries up and disappears? How are people going to provide for their families? They need to get a real job.’ Studies have shown that the interests for specific social media apps fluctuate periodically throughout the years depending on flexibility, exposure, and engagement the person can get off of that platform.

When a platform changes their algorithm to make it fair and easier for others to benefit from it. It tends to drop in traffic as people who have utilize the platform have been able to ‘cheat’ the system to promote their business or brand. Once they figure out the new algorithm, it spikes back up.

With the movement of printed newspapers and magazines slowly dying out. The digital media is now becoming the main source for brands and companies to market to the millennials. states, “In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. As of the second quarter of 2016, U.S. users spend more than 215 weekly minutes on social media via smartphone, 61 weekly minutes via PC, and 47 minutes per week on social networks via tablet devices.” Source:

So don’t worry about whether if monetization for youtube and platforms like Facebook that just started it’s latest program.

My youtube video¬†is about the different free tools that you can use for social media and productivity. We all have to start somewhere and some people don’t have any funds for a start-up with so many different options. These social media tools will help you be more productive and creative with promoting your brand or business so you can be successful.

Free Tools for Social Media and Productivity
  1. Creating Thumbnails and Social Media Graphics
    1. Canva– FREE
    2. Befunky – Free for the basic
    3. PicMonkey – Subscription
    4. Adobe Photoshop – Subscription
  2. Websites with Social Media autoposts
    3. Domain/Hosting – Paid
  3. Scheduling Social Media Posts
    1. Buffer – Free for the basics
    2. Tweetdeck (Twitter)- Free
    3. Hootsuite – Subscription
    4. CoSchedule – Free Trial (Good for helping you with scheduling youtube and blog posts as well)
    5. Apphi (Instagram)- Free for the basics

What social media platforms do you find to be help you generate the most traffic?

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