Cloth Diapering Late in the Game

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cloth diaper, potty training

Cloth Diapering Late in the Game

I wanted to cloth diaper all of our kids from the beginning. My husband has a weak stomach for bodily fluids, so the idea was never executed to the fullest extent for any of our 5 kids. Fast forward to today, we are currently into potty training at 2 months. It hasn’t been easy with so many accidents that I lost count. I no longer regret purchasing the Bissell Crosswave for quick clean ups 2 months ago. Our 3-year-old isn’t the typical age most families start to cloth diaper. It was in desperation to be done with diapers, disposable pull ups and wiping poopy diapers that I turned to cloth diapering.

Naturally any parent who is entering the potty-training stage do not immediately think of cloth diapering. We usually are focused on buying disposable pull ups, portable potty seats that resemble a toilet with the flushing sounds, a stool to reach the sink to get into a new hygiene habit.

Reality, it’s a lot of back and forth with not wanting to even bother with the toilet. Begging, bribing, and bitching at your toddler to get on the potty. While she is more focused on constantly washing their hands (eventually clogging the sink with toilet paper). Disposable pull ups are just an alternative to diapers instead of being utilize for the concept it was marketed for.

With us being quarantined here in Berks County, PA for the next few months. It was the perfect time to truly get potty training out of the way. I had to find a way to the Jedi mind trick this kid. I mean seriously. Her vocabulary and comprehension level are ridiculous.

cloth diapering, potty training

Cloth Diapering as an Alternative to Disposables

I start digging for an alternative to disposable pull ups. Something that could help me retain the accidents as we transition into full blown potty training. My searches kept bring me to cloth diapers, which I was hesitant to even consider.

  1. The cost
  2. The commitment
  3. The laundry

However, as I kept digging further into it. It was a surprise that cloth diapering went even into potty training. Many brands like bumgenius, grovia, and kangaroo offer different options to transition your toddler into potty training.

It was difficult to gather information about cloth training pants. The mass amount of information available focused on cloth diapering from newborn till before potty training. Most bloggers who have dedicated their time to cloth diapering and decided to go further into the potty stage. Reviews on the best cloth diapering training pants helped me choose which cloth diaper would be best for potty training.

Cloth Diapering with What Products?

 Grovia My Choice Trainer and EcoPosh Training Pants were the ones I set my eyes on. I was still hesitant due to the price because with the typical amount you purchase for full-time cloth diapering. You would need about 6-12 cloth diapers to potty training. This includes naps and overnight sleeping. Since we were going to do this part-time, I didn’t want to jump into this with such a huge investment cost.

cloth diapering, potty training

Load and behold, I found some on Poshmark! I was able to get 4 for $30 and 12 pre-folds for $30 and both sellers gave me an extra shell to use. As I read, I wash them and dried them, and I was expecting them to hold a bit a urine but the first time I used them. She went right through them. I was worried and after a bit of research. I learned that I had to wash them multiple times for them to absorb more. The pre-folds were too bulking as whole so I cut them up into strips to replicate liners and sewed the side that needed it. These worked wonderful for the extra absorbency needed to avoid puddles on my hard wood floors or wet spots on carpets.

The rule we used was that she was not to wear disposable pull ups with the exception of naps or bedtime. We also took away the potty chair and I purchased a stool and toilet seat attachment for her to not fall through the toilet. I even went as far as buying a potty watch to remind her to go every 30 mins, but by the time it arrived she was pretty much already telling us when she had to go.

Within a week of being consistent and asking her and her having a ton of accidents. She eventually started telling us that she had to use the bathroom on her own. And after 2 months, we still have an occasional accident, but she’s 3 so I’m expecting some mess.

Overall, I paid no more than $130 by investing into the cloth training pants for the extra protection that I typically would’ve gotten from disposables. Its more convenient as she is more aware of the accidents since its not absorbed by the materials in the disposables.

How I Got Started

We already do laundry every day for towels, dish rags, and clothes as our basket fills up every day. So, adding more underpants wouldn’t have made a huge difference as it’s a toddler. Their clothes don’t really take up much space in the washer. I followed the directions I found online when it comes to doing laundry. It really isn’t much of an extra step but removing the liners in the pockets if need.

The best part about using cloth training pants later is that they will always be used until she gains another 15-20lbs (currently at 30lbs). And since I have so many options, I can alternate to get her used to them once the worlds decide to open up again.

As for the commitment, it was more getting the whole family involved than my own commitment. I succeed since I was able to bring my older kids with money. lol

If you are struggling with potty training or don’t want to invest in the continuous cost of disposable diapers. I recommend you look into cloth diapering.

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