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military cleaning

I had no idea my husband recorded himself cleaning the bathroom. He’s not that comfortable on camera so it was shocking to see him do this. Now that the roles are switched in our home. He stays home due to his disability with Lumbar Scoliosis. He was born with lumbar scoliosis and Gastroschisis at birth.

Even though he was told that he wouldn’t walk normal and live a normal life, he wasn’t able to get disability due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control. Despite the odds against him, he was accepted in the US Navy, worked, and lived a normal life. 5 years ago, he went to the ER for stomach pains. Turns out that he had a blockage in his large and small intestines and they were twisted due to the previous procedure he had as a child. He had to get bowel obstruction surgery to remove the blockage. The doctor told us that he tried to fix his intestines to be ‘normal’ and removed all the scar tissue that was cushioning his spine and him.

The doctor advised him to not return to work because at the time. He was working as a supervisor for lead and asbestos removal. He said that if he were to lift anything over 15lbs, he could damage his digestive system to where he would be on a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He also stated that he would be in chronic pain due to his scoliosis. Even if it doesn’t bother him now, in a few years, it will be too much for him to work.

military cleaning

About a year and a half ago, he started complaining about his hip hurting. We just assumed it was because he was walking about an hour to and from work. He lost his job and the pain only kept getting worse. He went to a doctor and he was officially diagnosed with Lumbar scoliosis. His curve is 10 degrees between the L1 and L2 disc, along with a pelvic tilt of 16mm, and arthritis in his hip and knee. It was decided that he shouldn’t return to work and pursue for disability.

military cleaning

Even though it has been a constant struggle being that I am the sole provider. We have been managing thanks to so many organizations that have been helping us to get back on our feet. Even though I am willing to help out with cleaning. My husband was also diagnosed with OCD so dirt and clutter irritates his soul. We have had a ton of arguments in the past about cleaning because he would go behind me and redo what I did.

So to make things easier on both of us and our marriage. I just let him clean to his liking. In this video, he shows you how to do basic tasks like cleaning a bathroom is difficult for someone with lumbar scoliosis can be. For someone else, this could be an easy 15-20 min job, but it took him nearly an hour and a half. Since my husband was in the Navy, his cleaning style is very particular and detailed. This military cleaning isn’t anything new, but it was interesting to watch as I edited it since it’s way different than how I would’ve done it.

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