Breastfeeding Traveling Must-Haves

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breastfeeding traveling must have

Breastfeeding products I use while I’m on the go makes it so much easier for me. It’s not easy to stick to my pumping schedule. These products ensure a consistent supply as I stay on schedule. This is just an example of what I take with me when we are on the go with the baby. Even if I’m running errands, grocery shopping, or heading out for a family cookout.

FTC: Products Mentioned are NOT sponsored. Everything was purchased with my own money. The links provided are affiliate links and I will earn a commission.

Baby Buddha Pump

This is not your average pump. It’s portable and the cost is reasonable compared to other pumps on the market. Baby Buddha is my ultimate favorite pump now. I did like the Medela Pump in Style with Max Flow in the beginning because it’s gentle. However, I did notice that with consistent uses that the suction wasn’t as it was. Eventually, I was using the highest suction to try and empty. My body was adjusting to pumping too often and it needed a stronger suction to fully empty myself. That’s when the Baby Buddha pump would come in. This pump is super powerful! I say about 3-4 month’s postpartum, switch to this as your days for cracks, sore and sensitive nipples are over. This will empty you in half the time and you could possibly see an increase in milk production as well! So worth the cost.

Cheap Hands-Free Pump

Another cheap alternative is the Hands-Free Pumps that are available for under $50! They are discreet and you can store everything in the cup. I like the cups for when I’m out shopping so I don’t have to wear the nursing cover with the Baby Buddha or if I’m busy cleaning or cooking and don’t want to deal with the tubing getting in the way.

Breast Pump Accessories

Additional products to assist with this are the backflow protector to ensure milk doesn’t go into the motor. It becomes a closed system pump with a backflow protector. Base connectors to connect to the tubing. If you have the original Medela pump in style then this won’t be necessary to purchase. With the exception, you plan on exclusively pumping or you will be returning to work). Duckbill valves are really important to have in my experience. Having only 2 duckbill valves on hand as an exclusive pumper is not a good idea. If you are like me who don’t like washing pump parts after every session. Then keeping multiples will be a lifesaver! It’s important to change them every few weeks if you do stick to just 1 pair.

Storing & Prepping Breast milk

I personally like the Medela Breastmilk Collection and Storage bottles to pump with. To measure bottles out for the baby to feed, I just stick with her Tommee Tippy Bottles. I noticed the measurements aren’t the same. I also love the Pumpin Pal flanges instead of the flanges that come with the Medela pump. The Baby Buddha pump now has different flange sizes. I was too impatient to wait for the size I need to go back into stock. The standard size that it came, I have never used so I have no way to compare them.

Tommee Tippy Electric Bottle Warmer is great for long stays away from home and you have access to an outlet. But for running errands and go out with the family with no outlet available. The Tommee Tippy Portable Warmer works just as well. We also love the Tommee Tippy Insulated Travel Bags. I can put super cold milk in there, pull out the Portable Warmer and warm up a bottle instantly. The Insulated Bags keeps the milk chilled for hours. The longest I have been gone away from home is 5 hours. I didn’t have to worry about the milk going bad in this summer heat.

Cleaning & Transporting Breastfeeding Supplies

Medela Steam Sterilize Bags came in a pinch when I was at the cookout. It was time to go home and I needed to transport the used bottles. I knew once we got home, it would be late. I knew I wasn’t going to be up to cleaning and sterilizing bottles and pump parts. This allowed me to clean and sterilize at my sister-in-law’s house without using her dishes. The Boobie Bag is an amazing investment. My pump parts are in one place instead of having to fish for them in the diaper bag. I use this bag more than I use my regular Steve Madden handbag as my guys don’t mind carrying it. I can just pull it out, pump, and put all the piece back into it. (Boobie Bag TREATYOSELF10 for 10% OFF)

These are my breastfeeding traveling must-haves. It may not be the same for every mom out there. I love it when people share their tips and products to make their lives easier. If this helps even 1 breastfeeding mama, then I am super happy.

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