Branding Mistakes to Avoid: What I Learned NOT to Do

Branding Mistakes to Avoid: What I Learned NOT to Do

Branding the website and design necessary for not just your business, but also your income. Don’t necessarily hate what I was posting on the blog before. However, I do feel like I should have a more professional and adult looking site. As the brand is growing on Youtube. So is my followers and I want to bring a more simple layout for people to come to. I have mentioned before that my youtube channel isn’t a family channel. I do showcase a lot about my life which includes my husband and kids. However, that’s not all I’m about. I want to talk about so many different things that I can’t just keep it rated G. 

Branding Mistakes to Avoid: What I Learned NOT to Do

Branding Mistakes 

Having mistakes when it comes to branding can hurt you. The mistakes I was doing were things I knew about but didn’t implement them so I can generate an income and build a successful blogging business. The items that I was missing out on where very necessary marks that all business emphasize on. My brand will now include the follow:

  • Mailing List
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Quality Evergreen Posts
  • Consistency
  • High-Quality Resolution Pictures 
  • Products

Branding Mistake 1: Mailing List

branding mistakes to avoid

I had a signup form for a mailing list. Even offer free eBooks for subscribing to my newsletter. Not only will you get an update on whenever I post a blog, but you will also receive a weekly newsletter about different tips and tricks on how to market your brand. I didn’t promote it that often and I definitely didn’t have an option available on my blog. Having a mailing list allows you to connect with your supporters on an intimate level. You can offer whatever you want to those who feel like they have to something to gain from you. This is a great way to build leads for services or products that you may eventually launch in the future. In case Youtube, your blog, or other platforms are down. You can always update using a mailing list without any interruptions. People will get your content without having to deal with algorithms on social media platforms. Information is sent directly to their email address. Your brand shouldn’t be just be limited to social media platforms. 

Branding Mistake 2: Social Media Marketing 

branding mistakes to avoid

I used to be obsessed with social media. Facebook and Twitter were my most frequently used platforms. Although the changes that have come with Facebook and Twitter. I did become overwhelmed with the many options, but I also didn’t know how to implement them into my brand. Now that Facebook offers Stories, Live streaming, ad placements on videos (if you want to earn an income), paid membership groups, and messager.

My brand is suffering miserably on social media ever since I took a step back to semi-unplug.  I feel like my performance has tanked with the amount of traffic and referrals coming from social media. Now that I’m ready to tackle not just Facebook and Twitter’s new features. I also want to utilize other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, and SnapChat.  Even with Tumblr’s most recent changes, I feel like I can also utilize that platform to broaden my audience reach. Future posts will include more details about social media marketing. 

Branding Mistake 3: Quality Evergreen Posts

branding mistakes to avoid

This is essential for SEO and providing quality content for your brand. Especially if it’s educational or practical to where people will keep searching the topic. These kinds of posts will keep reappearing over and over in google search engine. Not saying that other posts are bad, but not many people will be searching for things that were relevant or just trending now years to come. I will be posting more evergreen content that could help you with your brand, home life, work life, parenting, and more. Branding is about who you are and what you have to offer. Whether if it’s youtube videos, products, services, or simply a blog post about your life. Are you offering entertainment, education, or a product? Evergreen posts will help you be found on search engines so that people know you exist! 

Branding Mistake 4: Consistency

branding mistakes to avoid

It wasn’t until I took Youtube seriously that I realize how important it is to be consistent with your content. Whether if you upload weekly, multiple times a week, or daily. It’s important to be consistent with when and what time you post so that your followers can always depend on you to deliver the quality content they enjoy from you. This is important when it comes to branding as this helps you build trust and reliability with your supporters. I also struggled with an editorial calendar and this time I have found a system that works for me so far. With this also building good habits that you do unconsciously. That includes posting consistently on social media to build more exposure for your blog, products, services, or youtube channel. I am currently working on an editorial calendar/schedule that I will be sharing as a pdf so you can print it out for your own reference. Subscribe to my newsletter so you are the first one to know when that will come out. 

Branding Mistake 5: High-Quality Resolution Pictures

branding mistakes to avoid

Overthinking is a habit that I’m trying to get rid of. I own a very good quality camera. It’s not necessary to purchase expensive equipment, but because I own one. There was no reason for me not to provide high-quality resolution pictures. I always used them for my blog, but I rarely used them for social media. I will be doing better quality content for my social media platforms. If you can’t use your own pictures, there are tons of sites where you can get free licensed photo stocks so your blog and social media accounts look clean and well put together. Most people don’t think pictures are essential to branding, but people actually gravitate towards posts with pictures. That means more engagement, clicks, and interaction with your followers. 

Branding Mistakes 6: Not Creating Products

branding mistakes to avoid

This may seem confusing, but products can be a great way to build your brand. As mentioned above, I already have 2 ebooks available for free. However, I have never expanded past those 2 ebooks. Products, webinars, workshops, e-Courses, etc can help you generate an income outside of sponsorships and Adsense. If you use the right tools, you can create passive income without having to constantly be available to ‘work’. With the knowledge and skills you have and are showcasing on youtube and your blog. You could utilize that and offer to educate other people about what you know and get paid for it! Branding your family as a family vlogger, many use merchandise like clothing to generate more income. You don’t have to copy other family vloggers by doing merchandise if you don’t want to. Think outside the box and find your passion and what works for you and your brand.

When it comes to branding these are the things that I want to bring to my blog. I have a social media marketing strategy plan, editorial calendar, and products ideas that will benefit you if you want to start making money online. For 2019, my goal is to implement those ideas and create quality content and products to help you build a better brand. It’s no longer about working a 9-5 job if you don’t want to. There are tons of ways to earn an income online. My goal has been always to help and inspire other people. Even if it means sharing my life, my mistakes and failures so you don’t have to experience them. Share this post so others can benefit from the mistakes I did these past few years.

branding mistakes to avoid

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11 thoughts on “Branding Mistakes to Avoid: What I Learned NOT to Do

    1. I’m trying to remember to be consistent offline by keeping business cards on me so when the topic does come up about my blog or youtube channel. I can always give it to them if they want to check it out. It also be a good idea to give a few to local stores and business in case someone may want to do a sponsorship.

  1. I definitely agree with the importance of evergreen content. I have posts I wrote 2-3 years ago still ranking on the first page, which wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t evergreen!

    1. I wish I had saved my previous posts. I know there were some posts that were still getting views and comments on them. I thought a fresh start would be a great an idea. Now I’m regretting it. lol

  2. I need to really work on branding my blogs in 2019. I would love to offer something free for signups but I’m not a writer in the sense that I could whip up an ebook. I will have to figure something out though.

    1. Even if you aren’t a writer. You can do video content, recipe book, or worksheets if that makes it easier.

  3. Consistency is something I struggle with. I don’t always have the emotional time or energy to do things, I’ll have to force myself to or at least schedule posts in advance just in case I feel too much stress piling on!

  4. Not gonna lie – when the 1st advert I saw was about “great erections at any age” it was a touch off putting about branding 😳😳😳

  5. Thank you for these amazing tips. I agree with the point on the importance of ever-green content, and I hope this year, I can begin offering products to my readers

  6. Really great tips and tricks! I really feel that I need to work on my photo quality. its hard to do this with a bad photo taking smart phone. im looking into a fancy but cheap upgrade option.

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