Best Strategies for a Successful Youtube Channel

Best Strategies for a Successful Youtube Channel
best strategies for a successful youtube channel

Is it the most advanced equipment for high-quality videos? Is it the enticing picture that triggers many to click on it? Or is it a specific niche trending all over the internet? This blog post is to give detailed information that will help grow a YouTube channel from zero to 10k subscribers in under a year.

Emperial Study

A survey conducted of 43 people showed many of their biggest struggles with starting a YouTube channel is fear, time, and money. Fear of being judged by others through the content they show as 60.5 percent wanted to show their everyday life. Time due to work, family, and other obligations. Insufficient funds to purchase equipment and software to create content. This survey also showed that many thought consistencies were necessary, and it is. That will be discussed later in the essay.

How to Start a Channel

First, lets discussion is about how to start a channel. According to Jarboe (2011), “… YouTube partners create original content that inspires, entertains, enlightens, and educates others across the globe.” Jarboe believes breaking down the process of starting a YouTube channel and growing a channel is best executed on a regular schedule. In his book, Youtube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, he breaks down the start-up on a Monday through Friday schedule to set up the channel.

Think about Your Brand (logo, colors, intros)

We do not think about aesthetics such as color themes, logos, or introductions. By taking the time to learn the settings and interface of YouTube will allow us to create a brand. The logo, color theme, introduction, and outro of our videos can help build a brand.


Next, the most important thing everyone forgets about, SEO. Many experts will say that being consistent is a must. You do not need to upload every day isn’t a requirement in the algorithm used by YouTube. Google owns the website, which is the number one search engine on the internet. YouTube uses an algorithm that uses keywords. Keywords are to provide search engine optimization for search engine sites. These keywords determine what will show up on the first page of Google or YouTube. It is challenging to optimize the search engine for videos. Jabore (2011) explained, “YouTube does not crawl the Web for video content, and the video search engines that still crawl the Web have a combined market share in the low single digits.”

It is best to utilize the description box, title, and tags to help Google and YouTube to crawl our video to make it available and relevant for the viewer. That is to say, most believe the thumbnail is the holy grail. It is the attention grabber. People see when before they click is the thumbnail. The thumbnail should reflect the keywords. There is a mixed debate about clickbait titles and thumbnails. Honestly, it is not against the law, go for it. Just do not go extreme and intentionally lie to deceive people. Meaning, do not put a title that has no relation to the actual topic of the video.

Appeal to Your Audience

Next, is appealing to the audience, and doing that, we must plan. Miller (2020) emphasizes this, “Extensive creative planning will help you figure out how to work within your budget and cut costs while creating something of quality.” If we already have the skills to edit, it would not be necessary to hire someone who is an expert in filmmaking. If we choose to vlog our personal life, investing time to learn editing programs and camera equipment is an essential part of being able to connect with our audience.

Spending Money isn’t Necessary

Being able to connect with our audience requires minimal investments, for an instant. We can record and edit our videos on our phones. Some laptops come with preprogramming editing software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Prioritizing authenticity over quality mentioned by Forbes Communications Council (2020), “Good high-quality video is always something to shoot for, but it can be daunting for companies who are trying to get off the ground with a video program. In today’s word, people are looking for authenticity over quality. For example, start out with recorded Hangouts/Zoom interviews or tutorials, or Facebook Live. Pro Tip: be sure to add closed captions for accessibility and to supplement your audio.”

Evoke Emotions

According to Forbes Communications Council (2020), “Convey emotion. You want to create an emotional impact on your customers…” and many authors in the article “14 Tips For Businesses Looking to Ramp up Their Video Marketing Efforts” agree that how you present yourself to our audience will want people to return or purchase a product. Be sure to be authentic, it builds up a rapport, especially during live streams with our audience. Building rapport gives the audience someone relatable and trustworthy.
Realistically, we see many people on YouTube who have gone viral or reached a large following in a short time frame and say to ourselves, “I wish that were me.”

Honestly, it is up to the algorithm, which includes an AI that helps predict and decipher what is the next most significant trend to get promoted on the Home page consistently. It boils down to diligently researching keywords and the schedule. If we are assigned the task to upload daily content, this can help us get picked up faster on the algorithm. Many channels have uploaded multiple times a day for a few months to reach the millions in subscribers, and others just got lucky on their first video and blew people’s minds. Also, an easy way to remember when it comes to being on YouTube and planning content. Be consistent, be authentic, and get started now.  


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