Baby Essentials & Postpartum Must Haves

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baby essentials postpartum must haves

Baby essentials and must haves are determined by what you think is best for your family. Currently in the third trimester of baby number 6 and the essentials and must haves for our family are pretty simple. These items will help you get through the first 3 months of your postpartum and adjusting to a new being.


Breastfeeding can be an amazing bonding time for you and your baby. Using a nursing pillow can help the right positions to ensure proper latch which will make it much more comfortable for you. The first few weeks can be painful when adjusting to breastfeeding. Using breastmilk on your nipples is an amazing way to prevent sore and crack nipples. Or this nipple balm is natural and will help your sore and cracked nipples.

While you are breastfeeding, you could potentially lose milk on the opposite breast that you aren’t nursing from. Using a silicone manual breast pump can help you with collecting milk to store for later use. If you are a busy mom with other children like myself. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a hands-free breast pump. Many are raving about these double electric breast pump that cost a fraction of the price and provide just the same amount of support you need for your breastfeeding journey.

Baby Wearing

Baby wearing has been around for centuries and I find in the first three months a baby wrap helps the most. The ability to tightly wrap a baby onto you for hands-free mobility gives the baby a sense of security as if they are still in the womb. Other baby carrier options can help you carry the baby while you are out in the store or just going on a walk around the neighborhood.

Postpartum Care

Of course we all know that we will bleed for possibly weeks and having pads or inconvenience panties will help with that. But many don’t know that tearing and soreness is a possibility which will require a Perineal Spray to help soothe it as well as help the swelling.

To help start labor many swear by red raspberry leaf tea starting at 35 weeks, but its also good to continue drinking it even after delivery as it helps contract the uterus to normal size. There are other benefits including helping with your menstural cycle and regulating your hormones. You can check out Earth Mama’s Postpartum Recovery products to help along with Frida products that include their peri bottles, pads with ice packs, and so much more.

Sleepy Baby

There’s always a debate on what’s best for baby when it comes to sleep. I found that this post gives amazing information on how to prevent SIDS in newborns.

Using a swaddling blanket can help baby feel more secure similar to the baby wrap. My favorite are the ones with velco that allows for alternative positions with the babies arms out or snuggled in for the womb like feel.

Many moms feel unsure about cosleeping and a great product that can help is a co sleeping dock that will allow your baby to feel snuggled but also be right next to you in the bed if you aren’t ready for the bassinet or crib.

Being a new mom doesn’t have to be overwhelming but with these few items that I feel are a must haves for any newborns and postpartum moms. You can get through the first few months of adjusting to the new life of being a mom.

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