About Us


Who is Vicki?

Born and raised in Reading, PA in the 90s so I feel like I have some old-school ways. I am a mother of 6 and a wife. I have been introduced to blogging as a child thanks to iDtech, but I never pursued it until I became a stay-at-home mom. It started off as a hobby that turned into a passion to connect and build with other people.

I used to try to define myself in one niche as a blogger over the last 10 years with so many different blogs. I found that I'm not just a mom, a wife, a makeup lover, a spiritual being, frugal shopper. I have many passions and dreams that I want to share with the world.

My Story

I have an interesting story. Many can relate and others can't comprehend my purpose. In the end, I want to remain authentic, transparent, and honest about who I am and the path I want to take. Whether it's about my parenting, a recipe I tried, where I've traveled to, experienced failures, mistakes I've made, or those ah-ha moments about life. I want to share the accomplishments, but I also want to talk about the stuff so many are afraid to talk about too.

I am self-taught, everything I know about beauty, couponing, allergy-friendly meals, blogging, social media marketing, and personal development. I guess you can say I'm a jack of all trades. Definitely not a guru or a know-it-all. I've had my fair share of childhood trauma that lead me to be diagnosed with bipolar manic depression. But I love sharing the knowledge of not just what's constantly evolving. But also educating about my history so there's a better tomorrow.