4 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Teens by Sticker & Co

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I’m shopping for teenagers this year, and figuring out what to buy them is challenging. Sticker & Co is a unique website that offers custom prints you can use as stickers. These are their top 4 Holiday gift ideas that will work every year.

Vision Boards

Every year, I sit down with my kids to do vision boards. Their sticker collage will work perfectly as an alternative to cutting out many magazines. They are customized to use pictures of places, things, and even words! This is a great Christmas gift that will turn into a family activity for many years to come.

Greeting Cards

Do you or someone you know love getting cards in the mail for any holiday? Do they save every single one? Greeting stickers are an excellent way for them to get a customized greeting sticker for any occasion, including Christmas! Loved Ones can personalize their belongings or create a scrapbook with the people they cherish the most. Customizing them can help you show your personality on your electronics like a laptop.

Popsocket Stickers

This is another excellent gift for teenagers who are constantly on their phones. Instead of buying new pop sockets every time you desire a new one. You can customize them by putting pictures of your friends or family. Or simply a word or two, the location from a vacation. Anything is possible!

Wall Decals

My kids always decorate their walls with posters of art they created and party supplies. Yes, I said party supplies. My kids are so creative that it’s always a surprise when I walk into their rooms. It may not even last that long, but with the Sticker & Co’s wall decal. They can last a long time, even when our teens get bored. Just as the other unique items that they have to offer. You can customize wall decals!

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