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I help women achieve their goals by showing them how to find their purpose, balance work, and mom life, remove mental blocks. For the women who want to become entrepreneurs, I provide tools and resources to grow their internet presence and get paid their worth!

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I'm a freelance writer, blogger, YouTuber, and social media manager. With a growing following on Youtube and a degree in Communications Studies. My passion to help others who want to grow their presence online has pushed me to create a community.

I specialize in growing your brand or business by using techniques to reach a specific target audience to help many generate sales, organically grow a following, writing tips and more importantly how to balance work and family life. I've helped over a hundred people with writing blog posts, growing their youtube channel, building websites, and managing their social media accounts.

As being a wife and mother who went from being homeless living in a hotel to being a college graduate and an entrepreneur growing my business helping others grow theirs. My purpose in life is to help women find their purpose and use their personal stories as I have done to reach their goals. My content inspires many that your circumstances don't define you, you deserve the life you want, and dreams can be your reality.

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Vicki's youtube channel started off to share her personal growth journey and ended up becoming a platform to sharing her life's journey that included her failures and struggles of a wife and mom homeless living in a hotel with her 5 kids. She took the opportunity to learn and grow and apply the law of attraction to help her become a successful entrepreneur and college student. Here she shares her tips and tricks on using government assistance, meals, parenting whoos, and her raw and real feelings on achieving her goals. + Law of Attraction & Personal Growth experiences that other women can relate to.

Steps to My Success: 

  • It's the People That You Surround Yourself That Matters
  • Fuck What What People Think
  • Stop Being Your Worst Enemy
  • Habits = Consistency
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Vicki's blog is a place to share her love when it comes to social media marketing, law of attraction and parenting tips and tricks. You will find her sharing her most vulnerable thoughts and feelings to help other women not feel alone.